About us


                       Trinidad and Tobago Amateur Radio League Inc.  

                    Registered Non-Profit Organization {T- 4228 / 05}

                     CALL-SIGN 9Y4TTL

Welcome to the Trinidad and Tobago Amateur Radio League.

The Trinidad and Tobago Amateur Radio League Inc. (TTARL). Was founded in 2003 and Incorporated in July 2004 as a Non-Profit Organization. to promote the enjoyment of radio communications, encourage wireless experimentation, expand technical education in classrooms and create international partnerships.

The members of TTARL agree that exposure to technical education and experimentation in the primary schools of Trinidad and Tobago is a good starting point to stimulate the minds of future scientists, technicians, doctors, and engineers. Amateur Radio, a technical and entertaining past-time, provides the opportunity to introduce children to the joys of communications as well as to teach basic electricity and electronics.

TTARL encourages participation from all persons who share our goals. We invite you to join us as we share this past-time that has led to new communication technologies, improved understanding among nations and the creation of friendships for over 100 years.