The Constitution of the Trinidad and Tobago Amateur Radio League Inc (TTARL Inc)


ARTICLE I — Introduction

As licensed amateur radio operators, who wish to enjoy the benefits of an association of persons with the same common interests in Amateur Radio communication and experimentation; the establishment of Amateur Radio networks to provide electronic radio communication in the event of impending storms, hurricanes or other severe weather conditions as well as to assist in disasters or emergencies; in furtherance of public welfare and safety; the advancement of the radio communication techniques; to exchange information and to promote radio knowledge, Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and good operator practices, fraternalism and individual operation efficiency to conduct TTARL Inc. programmes and activities to advance the general interest and welfare of Amateur Radio in Trinidad & Tobago.

The fostering and promotion of non-commercial communication with a high level impact on interoperability intercommunication by electronic means throughout the world; the fostering of education in the field of electronic communication; the promotion and conduct of research and development to further the development of electronic communication; the dissemination of technical, educational, scientific information and investigation relating to electronic communication; and the printing and publishing of documents, and pamphlets necessary or incidental to any of the above purposes, constitute ourselves the Trinidad and Tobago Amateur Radio League Inc (known as the TTARL Inc) and enact this constitution as our governing law.


1.TTARL Inc. shall be governed by an Executive Management Committee.

2.The Executive Management Committee shall consist of:
(a) An Executive Director/Director of Finance
(b) A Director of Operations
(c) A Director-at-large
(d) A Secretary
(e) A Committee member

The Executive Director/Director of Finance shall be the Chairman of the Executive Management Committee.

3.The Directors and the Committee Member of TTARL Inc must be a licensed amateur radio operator in good membership standing with TTARL Inc.

4.The Secretary may/not be a member of TTARL Inc. or a licensed radio operator.

5.Term of office:Each rotating officer and directors-at-large shall hold office for a period of one year, and until resigned, re-appointed or replaced by a successor on the appointment by the Executive Director in collaboration with the Directors

6.A vacancy shall be filed by appointment by the Executive Director of a qualified member for the unexpired term involved.

7.Any member can be suspended or terminated for good cause by the Directors.


1.Directors are required to perform their duties in good faith, with ordinary care, and in the best interest of the TTARL Inc. Ordinary care is the use of good judgment and common sense. It means doing what an ordinarily prudent person in a similar position would do under similar circumstances. Ordinary care may differ from director to director based on their background and experience and the role they play in the organization.

A. Legal Oversight and / or an appointed Committee
B. Management Oversight and / or an appointed Committee
C. Financial Oversight and / or an appointed Committee
D. Program Oversight and / or an appointed Committee

2.The Directors shall preside at all meetings of TTARL Inc. and conduct same according to the adopted rules; enforce the Constitution and By Laws; decide on points of order; sign official documents adopted by TTARL Inc.

3.The Committee Member shall perform such duties so assigned by the Executive Director.

4.The Secretary shall keep a record of the proceedings of all meetings, keep a roll of members, submit applications for membership, carry on all correspondence, read communications at each meeting, and mail written meeting notices to each member when required. He/she shall, at the expiration of his or her term, turn over all items belonging to the TTARL Inc to his successor.


For regular and special meetings. At meetings, a minimum of two Executive Management Committee members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.


1.Dues shall be set by the Directors and take effect at the following regular meeting. Dues are necessary for the business of the organization within its objects as set forth in the preamble. Non-payment of such dues shall because of free membership from TTARL Inc and / or within the discretion of the Directors.

2.Members who are in arrears of annual dues shall not be entitled to the same benefits as those members who are up to date with their annual dues.


1.The TTARL Inc, through committee, will provide Educational and technical advice assistance to members concerning equipment design and operation, to assist in frequency observance, clean signals, uniform practice, and absence of spurious emissions from TTARL Inc member-stations.

2.TTARL Inc will conduct research that amateur radio waves carry news of climate change.

3.The TTARL Inc shall maintain a program to foster and guide public relations.


This Constitution or By-Laws may be amended or replaced by a majority vote of the Directors. Proposals for amendments shall be submitted in writing to members of the Executive Committee, and shall be voted on by electronic conference or email and / or any communication mechanism if all Directors can read or hear each other


1. All persons interested in Amateur Radio communication shall be eligible for membership and must not have any criminal conviction worldwide. Membership shall be by application or Directors on waver and payment of annual dues upon such terms as the TTARL Inc shall by its By-Laws provide.

2. A person/member sitting the amateur radio examination, must present to the examination secretary a police certificate of good character in order to write the examination, if any conviction he or she will not be allowed to write the examination.

3. All members are volunteers who support the purpose of Trinidad and Tobago Amateur Radio League Inc (TTARL Inc.)


Parliamentary Procedures Rules shall govern all TTARL Inc meetings where not in conflict with the Constitution and or By-Law.

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1.The TTARL Inc shall have the privilege of owning property both real and personal and the right to buy, rent and sell said property in the TTARL Inc name.

2.Any purchase or acceptance of TTARL Inc property must have the approval of the Directors, which must notify the membership of the transaction at the next scheduled meeting.

3.Before any transaction involving the sale of TTARL Inc property with a market value, it shall be voted on at the next meeting.

4.The Director of Finance and / or by an appointed committee. shall have the privilege of assigning or loaning TTARL Inc- owned property subject to the approval of the Directors and / or by an appointed committee. Any person in possession of TTARL Inc owned property shall be responsible for that property and its use.

6.The TTARL Inc shall not be liable for the effects of any personal use of TTARL Inc- owned property.

7.The TTARL Inc shall have the expressed right to establish and maintain a TTARL Inc station and to establish operating procedures within the privileges granted by the Telecommunication Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (TATT).

8.The Director of Finance and/or an appointed committee shall have the privilege of assigning or loaning TTARL Inc. property subject to the approval of the Directors.




Julien Dedier, 9Z4FZ

Michael Green, 9Z4M

Peter Joseph, 9Y4PJ



TTARL Inc Mailing Address
#38 Columbus Street.
Arima, 300342.
Republic of Trinidad & Tobago.