Code of Conduct


The following rules and regulations must be adhered to by all bona fide members of the League.

1.      Proper operational procedures must then be hallmark of all League members, these include:

a)      Respecting the rights of other licensed users of the radio frequency spectrum allotted to radio amateurs.

b)      Assisting other licensed operators as a matter of good will and to anyone/agency in times of emergency/disaster.

c)      No League member shall use indecent language or abuse anyone on the airwaves.

d)      All league members who are radio operators shall abide by the general rules of the ITU and by the Telecommunications Act of Trinidad & Tobago governing operational procedures.  Together in all countries you are expected to follow the rules set out by their respective National Telecommunications regulations.

2.      The success of any organization depends on the participation of the entire membership.  Therefore it is incumbent on all members to involve themselves intimately with all, if not, most of the activities of the League.  Our Motto: “Maximum Participation“ is the driving force of the League’s success.

3.      The qualities of each member must reflect the following:

a)         Good Character

b)        Trust worthiness

c)         Honesty

d)        Goodwill at heart for the continued prosperity of the League.


Ethics and Operating procedures for the Radio Amateur

Please feel free to download any version and to give a copy to your friends, newcomers and old-timers alike. Don’t forget, this is NOT a document for newcomers only, and this is not a document for DXers only. It is a document as well for old-timers and DX peditioners

–>  Ethics and Operating procedures for the Radio Amateur