What is Amateur Radio ?

Over 100 years old Amateur Radio is the hobby of all hobbies based on Science, Math’s, Physics and Technology.

When cell phones, regular phones, the internet and other systems are down or overloaded, Amateur Radio still gets the message through. Radio amateurs often called “hams,” enjoy radio technology as a hobby. But it’s also a service -a vital service that has saved lives when regular communication systems failed.

Amateur radio is a popular technical hobby and volunteers public service that uses designated radio frequencies for non-commercial exchange of messages, wireless experimentation, self-training, and emergency communications.

Amateur Radio is the only hobby governed by international treaty, under the United Nations ITU, controlled by international law and agreements.

As a radio amateur, you are able to transmit radio signals on a number of frequency bands allocated specifically to the radio amateurs.

Radio amateurs make use of their frequencies in a number of ways:

Contacting people all over the world by radio which often leads to developing international friendships.

Competing in international competitions to test how effective your equipment is, and how good you are as an operator

Technical experimentation – many of the leaps forward in radio technology have been initiated by radio amateurs

Communication through amateur space satellites or with the International Space Station (which carries an amateur radio station)

Providing communications at times of emergencies and undertaking exercises to ensure you keep the capability to do so.