Practical Steps for Aligning Information Technology with Business Strategies

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Practical Steps for Aligning Information Technology with Business Strategies…

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Practical Steps for Aligning Information Technology with Business Strategies…

A sequel to the author’s The Art of Strategic Planning for Information Technology, this study provides practical advice on how to improve and re-engineer an information technology department or organization. The text provides actual prescriptions for improvement with numerous ready-to-use charts and templates that IT staff can immediately use or customize for their own departments. There is discussion of TQM, imaging, multimedia, downsizing, mobile computing and outsourcing., Information Technology Cutting-edge techniques for equipping your IT organization to meet the challenges of today’s business world Today’s leaner, meaner, total quality business organizations look to information technology to provide them with a sustainable competitive advantage. That’s why the IT managers who are in greatest demand are those who are well versed in modern strategic planning techniques and capable of developing a dynamic IT organization ever alert to their companies’ current and future business needs. Written by an author at the cutting edge of today’s IT business strategy revolution, this book offers you a clear, easy-to-implement action plan for re-engineering your business’s IT organization with an eye to building, sustaining, and expanding a competitive advantage. You will find: * Charts and templates that an IT staff can customize and use today * Techniques for overcoming most architecture problems, including a diagramming technique for drawing exceptionally clear blueprints * An in-depth discussion of business IT alignment * How to design an internal IT business economy * Tips on how to get the biggest bang for the buck while optimizing customer service * Proven techniques that radically improve application development through object-oriented technologies, data servers, and prototyping

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