TTARL Inc. Field Day 2018

TTARL Inc. Field Day 2018 Date : June 23 1800 UTC to June 24 1800 UTC. All bands and all modes are allowed. Grid power is NOT to be used for transmitting, charging batteries or powering any equipment at the station. Multiple contacts made with the same station on the same band will count as […]

Revoked Amateur Radio Callsign

Good day, This e-mail is to officially notify you that the following persons are no longer authorised to use the call signs originally assigned to them by the Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago: Alva Burroughs- 9Z4 LJ Ancil Lynch- 9Z4 FI Colin Syriac- 9Z4 CSA Information regarding the unauthorised use of the above call […]

Tell Your Government Save A Life

The Importance of Communications when Disaster strike The role of emergency communications is one of an important area of amateur radio service around the world. Amateur radio is so useful to emergency communications because it does not depend on any infrastructure. That means amateur radio does not rely on the electrical power grid or any […]