The Journey Now Start

From TTARL RagChew

Good morning to all as we start a new journey country before self and country before what is in it for me

We have yet to understand the full power and potential of amateur radio for amateur radio holds the key  to understanding STEM

Your Journey will be based on participants if none do, not ask for anything it is not a free for all anymore

Some of us just only want to collect to sell, obverse to make a profit some genuinely make the best use of what is given to advance ham radio

The due diligence and purge is very good and we still have more purge to do

Mr. Herbert make sure you have an empty log book because soon you will not have room in the book to log many hams

One ham called me Julien I want a radio to buy I want to help out with the net, he got a radio and still yet he does no net for TTARL he is doing net for TTARS

Many hams are alive asking for the late 9Y4PJ ham gears, I have entrusted 9Z4AMA and 9Z4HP with all of the stuff it has bug many of minds to see the amount of stuff PJ had

At this time none of PJ stuff is to be given out or lent out I mean none

Anyone need any assistance please direct all request to Mr. Lyndon Rivers 94Z4LR and his committee they are the one who says who gets anything or not once they approve it / the board review it and make the appropriate decision

Mr 9Z4RT soon the repeaters will be back up we have learned plenty things from them being down

Do not feel we do not care we care but in life, we must always look :eyes: around to see who we are walking with and talking with

As our President mention she knows all the problems so do I