TTARL Party is (FREE)

Dear All,

TTARL Party is (FREE), voluntary is needed to plan for this event, time is short for XMAS, but January 2018 is good as well.

The date can always be set with the place of hosting and availability.

Andy 9Z4AMA, consult with Julien 9Z4FZ to supply provision, deer, agouti, lap, and tattoo.

Wiggins 9Z4MWA, will you be able to cook with some members helping, please consult Julien 9Z4FZ.

Options cooking on site with necessary support staff.

Drinks strickly no soft drinks, beers, malta, shandy sorrel, gensing lemon and lime, lemon/lime/bitters, moet rose champagne, baileys,  wine – Boscarelli Vino Nobile DI Montepulciano, vodka/orange juice, whiskey/coconut water, bottled water.

Special food and drinks order by request is accepted in advance

Members and their families are invited and must RSVP.

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